Recruiting Mentors From All Industries for Morton Mentor Program

Monday, June 25, 2018 Tags: morton mentor, workforce

The Morton Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council are now recruiting Mentors for the 2018/2019 Morton Mentor School Year!

Now in its third year, student interest in the program is growing and professional mentors can apply and help students explore career paths of interest.

In previous years, students and mentors were paired based on the mentor’s availability.  This year, the students applied to the program in the Spring, allowing the Chamber and EDC to recruit mentors in the fields of student interest over the summer. 

“We hope that this change in the recruiting schedule will encourage more mentors to participate, knowing that their areas of expertise are of interest to students.  Medical and teaching professions continue to be in high demand and we are eager to engage several mentors from these fields to give students a deeper understanding of their career pathways.” says Leigh Ann Brown, Director of the Morton Chamber and CEO of the EDC.

This year, 60 mentors are needed in the following industries:  Veterinary Science, Teaching (Special Ed, Elementary Education), Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry/Orthodontics, Engineering, Politics, Equine Science, Computer Science, Physical Therapy, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Acting/Stunt Work, Game Design, Criminology, Dermatology, Finance, Law, Business, Communications/Marketing, Architecture, Biomedical engineering and more! 

The application deadline for Mentors is Monday, August 13, 2018, after which mentors will be invited to participate in a forty-five-minute orientation meeting to receive a background check coordinated by the Chamber, to attend an opening reception with the students, and then to meet with their mentee five times over the course of the school year.  Accommodating holiday and school schedules, the expectation is that Mentors and Mentees will meet approximately one time each month with their student partners. 

The Morton Mentor Program matches Morton CUSD 709 High School students with business leaders willing to share professional knowledge, skills, contacts, and resources. Through these matches, Mentors share their experience, guidance, and encouragement for students to develop their career pathway.

Working professionals, company leaders, and/or trusted retirees with access to company facilities and a willingness to share from their experiences can participate in the program.

New Mentors interested in participating can apply online at

Also, to help inform your decision to participate, please find the attached list of student interest areas for consideration.  This list will be circulated for selecting a student mentee after the August 13 submission deadline.  

Previous mentors can contact Lenora to indicate your interest to participate again.  She can be reached at

Questions? call Lenora Fisher or Leigh Ann Brown at 309-263-2491 or write  Additional details can be found on the Morton Chamber of Commerce website at

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The Morton Economic Development Council exists to positively shape the future of Morton. 

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